"Find Your Fade" - All Silky Swiss!

Posted on February 26, 2017 | 2 comments

Find your fade all silky swiss gorgeousnessJust before the end of last year, Andrea Mowry, also known as "drea renee knits", a US Knitwear Designer, published a new shawl pattern which has proved to be hugely popular in such short time - and well deserved so. If you are on any of the Social Medias - for me, this is mainly Instagram - you have seen so many pictures of this fun and exciting project in all stages.


My sister has been pointing it out to me again and again, urging me to combine a few colours just for fun and see how they melt and mix - but I only started doing it now that I've seen her finished shawl - it's gorgeous and fun and oh-so-doable! The whole idea is about combining colours and special skeins, playing with them, and letting loose the magic of colours in an easy and captivating knit.

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Koel Magazine - a new lifestyle magazine for knitters and crocheters ... and more!

Posted on February 18, 2017 | 1 comment
Koel Magazine for knitting, crochet, weaving, needle point and macramé at Siidegarte
A new addition to the crafter market has just arrived, and I’m finally finding the time to get myself a rosy tea and some time to browse through it...

And let me tell you -- I’m in love, this magazine promises a lot and does deliver! Not only is it pure joy to hold in your hands and flip the pages -- such tactile, beautiful paper, such a nice weight! No, the content, the pictures are awesome! This is not just a magazine with knitting or crochet patterns; it does much more than providing projects. It takes it a step further and shows how to live with yarn crafted in all the different techniques, how to decorate your home with your lovingly finished projects, how to integrate the creative lifestyle into your everyday!

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How the Valentine 2017 Limited Edition Hand-Dyed Yarn was dyed ...

Posted on February 14, 2017 | 1 comment

Siidegarte Valentine 17 limited edition hand dyed yarnColour - colour is such an important part of life, of a joyful and creative life at least! And my favourite part in "being Siidegarte" is certainly to image, plan and dye new colour ... that's really what it all is about!

The inspiration for this year limited edition colourway is my favourite flower, the rose. I long for winter to be over and my garden to start waking up again, for all those roses and clematis and all the other lovelies to start coming to bloom again!


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Titus -- a wonderful, woolly yarn!

Posted on November 24, 2016 | 2 comments

I love my Siidegarte yarn. No question about that, full stop. The way the fibres take on the colour when dyeing, the transformation of the yarn from winding it, to dyeing to drying … it’s like the evolution of a character. Its flow and shine, due to the high silk content of every single yarn base, is stunning...

But, and it’s a small “but” .. there’s such a nice phrase in English that I love: “horses for courses”. And it goes into the same direction as before, with the right tool for the trade: for every job there is the right tool and the right material.

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My favourite knitting needle for Magic Loop - ChiaoGoo Red Lace!

Posted on November 14, 2016 | 0 comments

ChiaoGoo - my favourite knitting needleOne of my firm believes is that, whatever you do, using the right tools is essential.

This goes for so many crafts. Baking .. don’t ask me how many tools I have, how many high-quality, heirloom cookie cutters, professional-grade baking forms and spoons and spatulas, sugar thermometers hardly ever used - the collection (and the space needed to store it!) is huge. It is something my Dad taught me, when we were working on the old farm house he had bought during my university years - there was so much to do and renovate, and using the right, high-quality tools did get you a long way towards success.

The same goes for knitting. And the essential tool, the knitting needle.

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