Welcome to Siidegarte, the "Garden of Silks"

Posted on September 01, 2013 | 1 comment

This had been a long time in the making ... but finally, we're ready to go live tomorrow!

We've choosen a nice and cozy place for our going live, the "Herbstmärt" in Hirzel, the little village up in the hills but still close to Zurich. Tomorrow, we will go live with three different yarn bases, which we will introduce in this blog one after the other beginning next week. So here, quickly, just a small overview.

All our yarn are silk-mix yarns. Silk in Switzerland has a long and prosperous history, it used to be one of the main sources of income for many families - but more of this later. Our yarns are spun here in Switzerland, at the Lake Lucerne, by a family-run company that has operating and specialising on silk since the mid-19th century ... a long time to get a lot of experience, to get product right!

There are many yarns in the pipeline which will be introduced at a later stage... for now, we offer the following yarns, hand-dyed with love and care by us:

  • Siide-Flauschig: our fluffy, incredibly soft but still resiliant silk-merino mix, knitting up to a worsted gauge. Ideal for squishy accessories and garments.
  • Siide-Quirlig: a gorgeous blend of silk and seacell, giving the yarn a fluidity and light hand that is perfect for lacy shawls and other accessories with a lot of drape.
  • Siide-Buschper: this is a very unusual blend, silk and linen. The linen gives the fabric a lightness, the silks lends its sheen ... together, they're perfect for summery garments, tops and light scarfs.

All these yarns come in amazing colours ... come to the Herbstmärt in Hirzel tomorrow, 9am to 4pm, and see - and touch! - for yourself.



"Siide-Flauschig" colourway "Humele", knitting "Kathleen" by Jane Richmond




  • Deutscher

    The yarn is so pretty :), on Sunday a ferind of my brother will come to show me how to knit and crochet _ i’m so happy and exited , I want to learn so i can use your yarn to make me a nice scarf like the ones you do :)


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