Koel Magazine - a new lifestyle magazine for knitters and crocheters ... and more!

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Koel Magazine for knitting, crochet, weaving, needle point and macramé at Siidegarte
A new addition to the crafter market has just arrived, and I’m finally finding the time to get myself a rosy tea and some time to browse through it...

And let me tell you -- I’m in love, this magazine promises a lot and does deliver! Not only is it pure joy to hold in your hands and flip the pages -- such tactile, beautiful paper, such a nice weight! No, the content, the pictures are awesome! This is not just a magazine with knitting or crochet patterns; it does much more than providing projects. It takes it a step further and shows how to live with yarn crafted in all the different techniques, how to decorate your home with your lovingly finished projects, how to integrate the creative lifestyle into your everyday!

The aesthetics of the magazine, lots of white, light and stylish photography, minimalistic
Koel Magazine for knitting, crochet, weaving, needle point and macramé at Siidegarte
design, classic shapes, high-quality material in accessories and furniture -- very appealing, very consistent, creating a world to feel comfortable in and in peace .. somehow, very Feng Shui… This is a very substantial volume, both in weight and content, and does deserve a place on every coffee table.

The issue that has arrived at the Siidegarte bookshop is the second one. It’s been published in Singapore by Studio Bloesem and it’s owner, Irene Hoofs as curator, an avid yarn crafter herself.

Growing from an influential design blog, this new magazine doesn’t contain any knitwear -
Koel Magazine for knitting, crochet, weaving, needle point and macramé at Siidegarte
the yarn craft projects are decorative, covering so many different techniques than likely most of us have never tried…

Knitting -sure. Crochet - from time to time, but to be honest: rarely. Weaving - yes, done that a year or two back with my middle daughter. Needlework - something I would like to pick up sooner or later. But macramé? Latch Hooking? Must be thirty years back since those two crafts crossed my way.

Koel Magazine takes all those crafts and defines a central point: no matter which technique you use, it’s all about the yarn, the fibre and the colour, how it enhances our surroundings and how it does us good. It’s all about “playing” with yarn and turning it into something beautiful - and enjoying the process. Great, simply great.

Every one of these techniques gets its own section and equal weight - so no, it’s not a knitting magazine. It’s more, way more.

The first section covers crochet. The project itself is very simple, but at the same time very efficient in changing and enhancing a home. The pictures for these have been taken at a designer loft in Amsterdam, a beautiful place and the perfect background to bring the message across: play with your home, enhance it, experiment! It’s all about the round form -- and it looks great as placemats, smoothly leading over to the recipe section: yarnies and foodies combined, yeah!

Koel Magazine for knitting, crochet, weaving, needle point and macramé at Siidegarte

The knitting section gives an introduction to the Herringbone stitch and the pattern for a blanket. There is a good tutorial for this stitch over at the website. The website is an integral part of the Magazine; you’ll find additional articles, a community being built. And it was nice seeing an article about “Anna & Juan” in Zürich: Josefina, Luzius… bravo!!

I’m already very much looking forward to the third issue of Koel Magazine that will come out in May -- and I will certainly add it to the Siidegarte bookshop as soon as it arrives. In the meantime, do get your copy as long as we’re still in stock and enjoy!!


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