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Siidegarte Valentine 17 limited edition hand dyed yarnColour  - colour is such an important part of life, of a joyful and creative life at least! And my favourite part in "being Siidegarte" is certainly to image, plan and dye new colour ... that's really what it all is about!

The inspiration for this year limited edition colourway is my favourite flower, the rose. I long for winter to be over and my garden to start waking up again, for all those roses and clematis and all the other lovelies to start coming to bloom again!

But in the meantime, I'm enjoying other roses found at my favorite flower shops .. like this beauty whose name was mentioned, but I already forgot... my my ...

These roses embody all that I love about roses: they're full and thick, almost like peonies, there are many different shades of pink, not too kitschy, not too somber, just a lovely, cheerful pink fading to light rosé and cream at the outer petals. And there's even a little green thrown into the mix. Perfect beauty. So for this year's Valentines Day, I wanted to create a Limited Edition Colourway that matches this cheerful play of colours.

Planning the new colourway, I knew I still want to do my usual kettle dyeing, so mixing the colours and dyeing the yarn in the pot. And I didn't want to mix the light green and the pink directly. So this has become a three-pot-colour, dyeing only parts of the skein in one go - and believe you me, this is hard on the back!

First goes a very light silver - only on parts of the yarn, very light, to give a basis, but still retain some of the creamy colour underneath. Then a cheerful green partly on top (the picture shows the mixing of the green pot, with the swirls of the pigments - isn't it beautiful?!), whichSiidegarte Valentine 17 limited edition hand dyed yarn - mixing the green gets a bit subdues mixing with the grey. But still, on those creamy parts, the green is able to shine through. And then comes the pink, no too light, not too strong, just the right amount to make the yarn shine, turn the silver into a very light and subtle purple at times, mixes a bit with the green on a few spots...

... this is the "Valentine 2017 Limited Edition", a beauty of a colourway just like the rose that inspired it!


I have dyed this colourway on three different Siidegarte yarn bases for you to choose:

    Siide-Füürneem - lace, Silk/Royal Alpaca-mix
    Siide-Fideel - fingering, Silk/Merino-mix
    Siide-Liind - sport, Silk/Merino/SeaCell-mix

Siidegarte Valentine 17 limited edition hand dyed yarn



The limited edition is only available until this Sunday, February 19th ... so make sure you don't miss out on it and get your hands (and knitting needles!) on one of these skeins!

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    This is so very beautiful! Well done!


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