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By Siidegarte

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70% Silk / 30% Seacell

           28 stitches per 10 cm         
110g-skeins à 440 m / 480 yd

What an unusual, extraordinary yarn this is … it flows, it moves like water, soft and silky at the same time. It reminds us of a sparkling mountain stream, flowing down gracefully, shining in the sun. This is the reason why we named it “Quirlig”, meaning “lively, moving continuously” in Swiss-German.

Siide-Quirlig is a three-ply yarn composed of highest-quality silk and Seacell, a natural fibre that contains seaweed. Due to it's strenght, glow and wonderful drape, this yarn is perfect for lacey shawls and other accessories, but also for luxurious summer tops.

We've made those skeins with a generous yardage so you will be able to finish most smaller lace projects with just one skein. Siide-Quirlig comes in twelve amazing, almost-solid colours, choosen to go together beautifully for those more-then-one-colour projects. Each batch is hand-dyed by us in Hirzel with love and care. We recommend winding this yarn carefully and to using it from the outside of the ball: little white wisps that are integral to this yarn, part of the spinning process, tend to cling together if pulled from a centre-pull-ball. Those wisps are not detectable any more in the finished project, but add to it by giving the fabric that bit more cohesion compared to a pure silk yarn.

You can find Siide-Quirlig on Ravelry here.

We recommend hand-washing with good quality yarn wash, as for all our yarns.

This yarn is available for custom orders: if you have any special requirements regarding yardage, number of skeins of the same dye-lot or even colour, please do contact us here.

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