Herbschtele - A Siidegarte Collection for the Swiss Wulle Festival


Swiss German

Everything good and beautiful that comes with the arrival of autumn: changing colours, cooler  temperatures, fog in the morning, the typical food of the season ... red apples, roasted chestnuts, grapes and a good wine.


We have asked eight great designers, both knit and crochet, to design a shawl using Siidegarte yarn, being insprired by the Swiss Wulle Festival, by the beauty of the litlle town of Zug and and landscape in autumn.




  • "Cherry on Top" by Justyna Lorkowska
  • "Swiss Bohus Shawl" by Marja de Haan
  • "Swiss Bohus Mitts" by Hilly van der Sluis
  • "Herbschtsunne" by Nancy Marchant
  • "Wümmete" by Fides Fierz
  • "Old Town Cobbles" by Joanne Scrace
  • "Garlands" by Cécile Balladino
  • "Blattwerch" by Dieuwke van Mulligen
  • "Under the Same Sky" by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne


The collection is now available both as print and e-book:


Buy the E-Book here, with instant download link: 

E-Book, 72 pages, CHF 22.50 - Ravelry Download code will be sent mid-October:








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