Circular Red Lace Needle 40in / 100cm

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By ChiaoGoo

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It's a firm believe of mine that using the right tools for your craft is a major part of achieving success and satisfaction - see blog post here. So here are my favourite knitting needles, the ChiaoGoo Circular Red Lace needles!

These premium stainless steel circular needles have a well-behaved, flexible and memory-free nylon coated steel cable as well a carefully machined smooth join to make knitting with them a pleasure.

The tips are pointier than the standard RED circulars, and there is no bend in the needle. Each size is conveniently laser imprinted on the needle in both the US and metric size.These needles contain no nickle so are suitable for allergy sufferers.

Currently, there are two cable lengths on offer: the 40in / 100cm here is perfect for all sorts of projects, especially using the Magic-Loop-Method. This allows to knit all circumferences, from very small to large.

The 16in / 40cm ones here are suitable to knit hats etc in the round.



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