Joji Locatelli MKAL-Kit

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By Siidegarte

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Have you see the newest announcement of Joji Locatelli? She has launched a Mystery Knit-Along, or MKAL!!

If you love her designs - and who wouldn't... - this is so much fun to do! You knit together with others, in Joji's forum on Ravelry, you know you're knitting a shawl - but you don't know yet what it'll look like in the end!

The MKAL starts 12th May, sign-up, i.e. getting yourself the pattern, is open now. Each week for five weeks, you will get a clue for the next part of the shawl - pattern, colour, directions how to proceed.

Community, suspense, excitement and a stunning shawl in the end - what more could you ask for!! And it's also the easiest way to make sure you don't just start the project, but finish it as well... no WIPs lying around...

So a short time ago, Joji has asked Indie Dyers to design kits for her MKAL, also giving colour directions and hints how to best combine the colours. And I can tell you, as a dyer, this is so much fun to do, this is playing with colours at it's best!

I have created three kits in Siide-Quirlig, a yarn base Joji knows and has confirmed that the shawl will look stunning using it - so this will be a very fluid and shining version of her shawl! The Kit contains five skeins à 100 g of each colour, as per Jojis specifications:

- The White - The Light - The Speckled - The Medium - The Dark -


The kit will be available for a limited time only - but you will want to start right away anyway to join into the fun!



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